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Cleaning Method of Throttle Control System

Cleaning Method of Throttle Control System

How often should the throttle be cleaned?

How long the throttle will be dirty depends on the quality of the air filter, the brand and quality of the oil used, the condition of the driving road, the air temperature, the working temperature of the engine, driving habits and other aspects.

Even for individuals, it is not possible to determine the cleaning time of throttle with a fixed mileage. The first cleaning interval of throttle in a new car is the longest. Later, due to the continuous condensation of oil and gas in the crankcase ventilation pipe and air inlet, the cleaning frequency will increase, and different weather will also affect the speed of throttle fouling.

Since the throttle is dirty to a certain extent, how to clean the throttle?

There are two ways to clean the throttle valve: removing and washing and no removing and washing.

In general, the method of "dropping bottle" is adopted without disassembly and cleaning. In the running state of the engine, the cleaner is continuously sprayed through the air inlet to clean the air inlet and throttle, but the effect is relatively general.

It is necessary to remove the air intake assembly and scrub the throttle valve with chemicals. The effect is good, but it is troublesome. After cleaning, the throttle opening must be reset, otherwise it may cause alarm light alarm, because the ECU computer of the car has memorized the opening when there is carbon deposit, if not reset, it is the same as not cleaning.

After cleaning, according to the procedure just removed, the initialization of the throttle will be started after installation. After cleaning the throttle, the initialization is necessary, because when the computer adjusts the throttle opening, it has the memory function, because there was the blockage of oil sludge before, in order to ensure the air intake, the computer will automatically adjust the throttle opening to make the air intake in a normal state.

Even if it is to clean the throttle valve, the choice of cleaning agent is particularly important. Never use strong corrosive cleaning agent, but even the best cleaning agent can only minimize the damage, and the damage is inevitable, so don't wash the throttle valve easily unless you have to.

After cleaning, there is no sludge blockage. If the throttle still keeps the previous opening, it will cause excessive air intake. The result is that the engine shakes when starting, and the acceleration is weak, and the engine fault light may also be on.

Why does the engine work normally without initialization after cleaning the throttle sometimes? That's because the throttle is not too dirty. After cleaning, its intake air has not changed much. However, the change of throttle after cleaning cannot be observed by naked eyes, so initialization should be done.

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