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Potent Booster
POTENT BOOSTERPotent booster is the best tool to help you drive faster, smoother. It removes delays in the accelerator to help you drive your car easily - even on difficult terrain! Potent booster simply changes the throttle curve, like a sport button on most modern cars, it will make the throttle more sensitive giving the sensation of better acceleration . Potent booster is installed between a car’s accelerator pedal and control module. It captures the accelerator pedal signal and transforms it, lessening the pedal travel required in order to achieve full throttle response.
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Electronic Throttle Accelerator
> Electronic Throttle AcceleratorElectronic Throttle Accelerator “POTENT BOOSTER” of TROS can relieve throttle lagging and improve its sensitivity.
Audi A4L power modified electronic throttle controller
Audi A4L power modified electronic throttle controllerPlug the computer, brush ECU, rectifier, and some of the common conversion on the market, these methods with the electronic throttle accelerator are no conflict, can be used in conjunction with the addition of electronic throttle accelerator, car power will be enhance more obvious, also easy to solve Electronic throttle hysteresis.
Teana modified electronic throttle accelerator potent booster
Teana modified electronic throttle accelerator potent boosterAlthough Teana with 2.5 V6 power, but start slow, in order to make cars more comfortable, start faster, choose to install TROS potent booster electronic throttle accelerator, and electronic throttle accelerator is a good solution to solve the electronic section Valve (ETC) hysteresis problem. Equipped with electronic throttle
BMW modified electronic throttle controller potent booster
BMW modified electronic throttle controller potent boosterToday, modified electronic throttle controller protagonist BMW 520Li, make the car more explosive. The power of BMW for the usual get off work on the car has been very enough, but the driver is not so easy to meet. So the owner chose to install TROS 9-DRIVE electronic throttle accelerator, so that the car is more explosive
Land Rover Freelander modified electronic throttle accelerator
Land Rover Freelander modified electronic throttle acceleratorElectronic throttle accelerator to improve the original car power, electronic throttle accelerator is through the collection of accelerator pedal position sensor signal, and rearrange throttle signal to ECU, improve the engine's response performance, thereby enhancing the throttle sensitivity, speed up the pace, Performance, to avoid sudden burst of vehicles before, to avoid the engine carbon deposition.
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Founded in 2008, TROS has been devoted to R&D, production and sales of auto electronic throttle booster, electronic choker controller, TROS power turbine and modified products. The Company has registered the brand “TROS”. Its serial brand “POTENT BOOSTER” deems it its duty to make up the shortage of original auto collocation and fulfill auto owners’ individualized demands for auto modification.
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