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Choosing Working Mode of Car Throttle Controller

Choosing Working Mode of Car Throttle Controller

Car throttle controller usually uses wo pedal position sensors and two throttle position sensors. The two sensors are connected in reverse to realize the reverse change of the resistance value, that is, the sum of the resistance changes of the two sensors is zero. When the same voltage is applied to the two sensors, the output voltage signals of the two sensors will change in reverse, and their sum is always equal to the supply voltage. Drivers can choose different working modes according to different driving conditions with mode switches. Generally, there are three modes: normal mode, power mode and snow mode. The difference of the three modes is that their response speed of throttle to accelerating pedal is different. In normal mode, the response speed of car throttle controller to accelerating pedal is suitable for most driving conditions. In power mode, the throttle accelerates the response speed to the accelerating pedal, and the engine provides additional power. Under the condition of poor adhesion (e.g. snow, rainy day), the driver can choose snow mode to drive the vehicle. At this time, the response of throttle to acceleration pedal is reduced, and the output power of engine is smaller than that of normal condition, which makes the wheel not easy to slip and keeps the vehicle running steadily.

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