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The MG6 Actually Measures the Acceleration Experience Brought by Car Throttle Controller

The MG6 Actually Measures the Acceleration Experience Brought by Car Throttle Controller

Car throttle controller is free to control the electronic throttle response speed. It can not only increase the response speed of throttle but also improve the vehicle's instantaneous speed-up performance. It can also increase driving comfort and save fuel and the environment by slowing down the throttle response speed.

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MG6 Fast Back, with a streamlined roof profile extending all the way to the rear of the car design, pioneers the efficiency of both aesthetic and space. Original M.I.M (M [1] G Innovative Maximum) theory brings, 1379 l, 429 l super deep luggage space dynamic optimization space, with a 2705 mm level across the long wheelbase, to maximize space, leading double breakthrough of and riding and storage efficiency, to create new benchmarks for generous space!

The first advantage of car throttle controller installment:

change the usual driving "meat meat" feeling, experience the feeling of push back, and have a new experience of driving fun.

The second advantage of car throttle controller installment:

it can set the driving mode at any time according to your driving mood, and you can adjust the economic fuel saving mode, which is more economical than usual.

The third advantage of car throttle controller installment:

when you resist the acceleration, it is definitely better than the effect of the brush ECU at low speed. The brush ECU is generally reflected at the peak time, so the electronic accelerator + brush ECU allows you to enjoy the perfect power experience.

The fourth advantage of car throttle controller installment:

when the ECU adapts to the driving mode of your electronic accelerator, it will not increase fuel consumption and save money when you enjoy power back pushing.

The common misconception about car throttle controller: people think car throttle controller just amplifies throttle signal, there is no other role. In fact, we drive vehicles to find the feeling of driving. No matter in what ways, as long as it lets us have a different driving feeling, it has reached our request.
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The following content is transferred from the real experience of some riders:

Car throttle controller experience:

1. I was very interested in it after I saw it on the Internet at first, but I have always been skeptical about it, and I don't know whether it is really as fierce as what you said. I think many students have the same idea as me. But after the installation yesterday, and the driving from yesterday to today, I am very responsible to tell you that it really works!
2. The acceleration is obvious. The power from 1000 to 3000 is very fierce, after 3000 it slows down a little, but it is stronger than before.  The acceleration time from 2000 to 3000 is much faster and the power is much better. There is no feeling of drag block!
3. Maybe because I am satisfied with the accelerator, I have some subjective comments, but these are my real feelings! As for fuel consumption, I now use semi-acceleration. After opening more than 100 kilometers, fuel consumption has not increased temporarily, and still maintains at 9.5!
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