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Shenzhen Car Owner Refits Car Throttle Controller for Mercedes E280

Shenzhen Car Owner Refits Car Throttle Controller for Mercedes E280

Today's car throttle controller is a Mercedes E280, and its elegant concept is also reflected in its appearance. The shape of the Mercedes E280 can reveal a sense of superiority, the origin of which is uncertain. But whatever the source is, the Mercedes E280 offers the best safety care in a body like this.

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The quality of Mercedes engines is completely different from that of BMW which pays more attention to the sound of the engine. The sound of the engine when the speed is rising should give the driver excited excitement so that the driver has an impulse to step on the accelerator. The pursuit of Mercedes in this aspect is completely peaceful. You can start very gracefully, accelerate very gentlemanly, and the slow movement will not wrinkle your famous suit at all. The smooth driving can calmly enjoy the passers-by 'eye salutation to the three-pointed star mark.

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Though the E280 is powered by a 3.0L/v6 engine, there's still a downside to starting with meat, which, in the owner's words, is very meaty. In order to understand this problem and feel the driving pleasure of power on call, we specially install and experience the TROS car throttle controller.

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The 6-drive electronic throttle controller is installed this time. The 6-drive has six modes, which can be adjusted to suit your driving style at any time. For different road surface or weather, it can adjust fuel saving mode, to achieve more safety while driving.

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The Mercedes-Benz E280 is basically the same as the imported version, which ensures the quality. Besides, the equipment and furnishings also take care of the needs of passengers and drivers. Inside, the typical German car style is designed and installed, highlighting the rigorous and meticulous style. Its elegant layout is different from the rational and cold design of BMW and Audi. All the details show the perfect car making process, such as the smooth and neat interface of the board, the advanced sense of leather material selection, and the surface texture processing.

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Comments: car throttle controller is mainly used to improve throttle response and throttle. It's not a boost in horsepower. If you want to change the dynamics of a vl4, forget about the accelerator. Similarly, if you're just doing your daily routine, a 5, 000-rpm turbine kit works just as well. Generally speaking, switching between these modes can not only be fun but also meet the driving needs of different occasions. As for the actual performance improvement, there is no practical significance in obsessing over the paper data. The modification is more important to conform to the personal driving style and get the expected effect.
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