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Pay Attention To Being Legal When Modify The Car

Pay Attention To Being Legal When Modify The Car

Some car owners will modify the appearance of the car, car power modification, exhaust pipe, wheel hub, shock absorbers, etc, for the characteristics. For such a modified car, if such the case is found, it is to be fined. And the traffic police will request the owner of the car to restore its original state immediately.

What modification is legal?

From the traffic police department, we can learn the original vehicle is a legal modification according to the latest registration of motor vehicles rules. Modification of the original factory refers to: before or after the delivery of a car, the manufacturer of the car will customize different types and equipment according to the specific requirements. It will realize the qualified loading and complete vehicle which has passed the manufacturer's inspection. Therefore, the consumers who buy the cars of original factory do not need to resupply rated refit certified when installing the license plate. They can drive directly.

In addition, there is one of the following scenarios, in which the owner of a motor vehicle does not need to deal with the alteration of the registration without affecting safety and identification plates:

(1) Equip small and micro passenger cars with front and rear anti-collision devices; (2) Equip the freight motor vehicles with windshields, water tanks, toolboxes, spare tire racks, etc; (3) Add vehicle interior decoration.

Modification which needs approval

According to the traffic police department, registered motor vehicles are not allowed to change the registered structure, structure or characteristics.

If there is a urgent need to modify the car, it is necessary for car owners go to the DMV for the record first.Then, it is allowed to modify.

According to the rules, under any of the following circumstances, the owner of a motor vehicle shall ask for the vehicle management office at the place of registration for alteration of the registration within 10 days after the alteration: (1) Altering the color of the car body; (2) Replacing the engine; (3) Replacement of the body or the frame.

Traffic police hint, when modify the car after the frame number is damaged or can not be identified, it also needs ask for change the registration.

In addition, there are 3 colors of car boy which can not be modified. They includes: red for fire fighting, yellow for emergency engineering and blue for national administrative law.

How to punish illegal modification

In according to rules, Illegally modification of the appearance of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle with registered technical data. The traffic administrative department of the public security organ will order it to restore its original condition and impose a warning or a fine of not more than 500 yuan.
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