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Installment of  Honda CITY Electronic Throttle Booster

Installment of Honda CITY Electronic Throttle Booster

Today's modified electronic accelerator is Honda CITY which is a relatively fuel-efficient model in the same class. Its overall quality is stable and it has occasionally strange sound. The owners have less worry in the use. A large number of Aika owners think Honda CITY has excellent sound effects with AUX and USB ports for added convenience. At the same time, the owners generally reflect the power performance of Honda CITY is very good, with good starting speed.

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The CITY can be seen as the fit sedan car version model. It is different from the new generation of Japanese Honda fit in the vehicle design, configuration, production process. In terms of power, the new generation of the overseas version of the CITY will adopt the brand new Earth Dreams series engine, in which the maximum power of 1.3l displacement is 73kW(99PS), while the maximum power of 1.5l displacement is 96kW(130PS). The transmission system provides two options for 5-speed manual transmission and CVT progressive transmission. In addition, the overseas version is equipped with a 1.5l DOHC i-dtec diesel engine. Of course, the possibility of introducing a diesel engine is almost zero.

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When it comes to gearboxes, this is probably the most controversial issue. The two displacement models of the new City this time are equipped with 5-gear automatic gearbox instead of CVT progressive gearbox. The Honda i-vtec's mainstream engine, coupled with a 5-speed automatic gearbox, offers a more agile starting acceleration than the older CVT gearbox with the CVT, more direct power transfer, enough performance for everyday urban use, and a more responsive gear shift with the new gearbox, giving it a significant advantage when overtaking. This may be the reason for the new CITY not using CVT progressive gearbox.

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This time, Honda CITY installed the first generation of TROS electronic throttle booster and the acceleration performance is improved by 28%-35%. As the company's first generation of products, the advantage is that there is no display screen.

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Comment: Honda CITY carries is a peculiar I - Honda VTEC engine which has been one of the hallmarks of Honda. There should be no problem on the power and fuel consumption, but only one disadvantage is that automatical version does not use CVT Infinitely variable speed, although on the sports version it strengthens the function of the steering wheel dial the seven-speed, and the Guangzhou Honda official claims that are no worse performance of the 5AT than CVT transmission. But the editor felt that the use of CVT gearbox can not only reduce fuel consumption but also can increase the shifting smoothness and ride comfort, for Honda CITY this kind of Japanese car.
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