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In The Car Modification, Which Are The Legal Modification

In The Car Modification, Which Are The Legal Modification

A car is not only a means of transportation, but also a big toy. In order to make their cars more cool and more powerful, some friends will choose car power modification. But when they finish, they are afraid of the traffic police. In fact, as long as you modify the project legally, it is beyond reach of the traffic police.

The newly revised provisions on motor vehicle registration state the legal status of the original vehicle, and no proof of modification is required for registration. The original factory modification refers to the customized vehicles according to the needs of the owners. Therefore, this type of car is a legal modification. In addition, the new regulation also allows vehicle owners to apply to the vehicle management office for registration of changes within 10 days after the vehicle modification is completed. For example, the body color. What are the legal modifications?

1. Modify appearance
The modification of the appearance can be realized by means of drawing and body film, etc. But the area must be within 30% of the body, which is a legal modification. If you exceed this limit, you must go to the relevant departments for approval.

2. Body color change
In recent years, the body color modification, is quite popular.
However, after the modification, you have to go to the DMV to go through the change procedures within 10 days. It is not allowed change it into special colors for national administrative law enforcement.

3. Refit the body, frame and engine
To modify these three types, it is necessary to do so if the damage is beyond repair or if there is a quality problem. Otherwise, it is illegal. Installation of electronic throttle is a legal modification. Without changing the original car throttle line engine, you can solve the meaty problem of starting the car.

4. Modify the anti-collision device
The front and rear anti-collision devices of small and micro passenger vehicles which are damaged can be modified. As for adding windshield, water tank, toolbox and spare tire frame on the freight motor vehicle, they do not need registration of change. You can change it directly.

5. Interior decoration modification
If you want to modify the interior, it must be built in the condition of not affecting the driving safety. However, you cannot remove the seats or change the structure of the car.

Illegal modifications:
1. It is illegal to change the wheel hub into a large-size one in order to make your car cooler. Unless it is the same size as the original one, it cannot pass the annual inspection.

2. Lighting modification is very popular in recent years, which is actually illegal. If the original car halogen lights is changed into xenon lights, you will be fined.

3. Modified power is generally upgraded ECU, in other words, the car special microcomputer controller. This modification is not easy to be found. Such behavior is also illegal.
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