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Free Experience of Old Prado 4000 with Throttle Response Enhancer Installed in

Free Experience of Old Prado 4000 with Throttle Response Enhancer Installed in

Inheriting the powerful cross-country gene of Landkuloze, the king of cross-country, the old-style Prado has developed for decades and now every generation is even more powerful and sophisticated. High-powered naturally aspirated engine, independent girder, part-time 4WD  and steel plate suspension make it a hard SUV that can survive even in extreme environments. It is a car that can take us anywhere we want to go.
From this appearance, you can see the full cross-country temperament.

Prado uses a straight waterfall type air intake grille, which is integrated with the engine cover.

Seen from the side, the huge gap between the wheel arch and the tire also shows Prado's climbing ability.

For friends who like cross-country travel, they all know the importance of snokle. Therefore, snokle is a necessary item in the modification of cross-country vehicles. High-power LED supplementary lamps are also essential for off-road use.

Luggage baskets on the roof are also equipped with lights. When on a dark night, the complicated mountain road observation also needs high-power lighting.

TROS electronic car pump can be carried with the car for dealing with cross-country emergency.
The most important thing for off-road vehicles is the instantaneous explosive force, which can surmount various complex geographical environments. For this reason, the owner choose to install TROS throttle response enhancer.

Throttle response enhancer is easy to install. It is only necessary to find the throttle port of the original car and dock with the accelerator host without changing the oil circuit of the original car.
The principle of the throttle response enhancer is to control the throttle opening so as to obtain a more sensitive throttle response. As long as you tap the throttle, the Prado will be full of vigor and strength when starting.

After the installation of the throttle response enhancer, Prado looks more like a beast of prey. It seems easier for off-road use.

Comments: Throttle response enhancer is different from kickdown. A kickdown is also slow to respond. If you can accept the kickdown or drive in a mild style, it doesn't matter whether you pack it or not, but if you want to improve throttle sensitivity, the throttle response enhancer can bring you a different driving experience.
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