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What Are the Main Functions of the Accelerator?

What Are the Main Functions of the Accelerator?

If you are interested in car modification, I believe you've heard about the accelerator. It's easy to install, plug and play, and has obvious effect. What are its functions? Next, TROS will give you a brief introduction.

1. Help the car speed up

To understand why a small accelerator can accelerate a car, we need to understand the electronic accelerator and some of its defects.
Through the position sensor, the electronic throttle transmits the signal of the depth and speed of the throttle pedal. This signal will be received and interpreted by the on-board microcomputer, and then the control command will be sent to make the throttle open quickly or gently according to the command. This process is accurate and fast. There will be no mechanical wear. But it often has a problem that its signal delay will inhibit the normal acceleration of the vehicle. In some cases, such as when the slope rises, there will be a strong sense of staggering, and even lead to sudden forward movement of vehicles. The electronic accelerator came into being. It can solve the sluggish problem of the electronic accelerator, help the vehicle speed up and multiply the driving pleasure. At the same time, it can effectively avoid the sudden forward movement when the vehicle starts.

2. Acceleration switch function

At present, the electronic accelerator on the market can set "enable" or "close" acceleration function. For example, when the road condition is good, the acceleration mode can be turned on to speed up; when the road condition is bad, rainy, and ice in winter, the acceleration mode can be turned off to drive safely.

3. Acceleration level adjustment function

Acceleration level can be set, including "half acceleration" and "full acceleration". Semi acceleration is suitable for daily use. It can improve driving speed and keep driving safely. Full acceleration is suitable for racing, which makes your car fast and quick.

4. Acceleration mode switching function

You can switch between manual mode and automatic mode. "Manual mode" is suitable for vehicles with manual transmission and "automatic mode" is suitable for vehicles with automatic transmission. It can also be adjusted according to different gearbox to make shift smoother and effectively reduce impact caused by frequent shift. It will also avoid frequent downshifts of automatic vehicles and increase fuel consumption.

5. Avoid engine carbon build-up

With long-term use, the electronic throttle is sensitive, so it can significantly reduce the carbon deposition of the engine, and the engine will last forever.

6. Improve the sensitivity of the throttle and make it easier to refuel

By improving the sensitivity of the electronic accelerator, it makes driving easier. Especially in the fierce driving, due to frequent line changing overtaking, the accelerator and brake need to be switched frequently. After the accelerator is installed, the accelerator will become very sensitive, very easy, and the driving will be more free.

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