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What Are the Advantages of Electronic Accelerators

What Are the Advantages of Electronic Accelerators

The electronic accelerator was born to alleviate the throttle hysteresis. Many people will ask if it is useful? In fact, the existence of anything has a certain value. To a certain extent, the electronic accelerator can also play an accelerating role. What are the advantages of the electronic accelerator?

Advantages of electronic accelerator

(1) Amplify the throttle signal to improve the static response
The so-called "acceleration" of the electronic accelerator is mainly achieved by improving the sensitivity of the throttle response. That is to say, at any time, 33% of the throttle signal at the back of the pedal is useless, and when the driver depresses 66% of the pedal, the accelerator output is full throttle, which makes the sensitivity of the throttle response increase by 50%. In fact, the throttle signal is adjusted steplessly, only from the previous 1:1 to 1:1. X, which is the amplification factor of the signal. (for example, after installation, you can adjust half open, full open, etc., that is, adjust the proportion to 1:1.5 or even 1:2)

(2) Amplify the acceleration of throttle signal and improve the dynamic response
When the accelerator pedal is depressed, the accelerator will calculate the change rate of the accelerator signal according to the amplitude and time of the pedal. The faster the change, the stronger the acceleration requirements are, the accelerator will increase the change rate, and the final effect is that the acceleration dynamic is better.

(3) Provide false driving style for ECU to adjust engine parameters
The ECU of the engine generally has the ability of self-adaptive driving style. If the driver often steps on the accelerator quickly and deeply, the ECU will gradually think that the style of the driver tends to be "fierce", so that the engine will slowly adjust the throttle, fuel injection system, etc. to get the best adjustment parameters of the engine in this style. After using the electronic accelerator, even if driving according to the previous "mild" driving style, the engine will still get "intense" driving experience, which is equivalent to cheating the ECU. Over time, the engine will automatically modify its parameters to adapt to the style.

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