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Interpretation Of Car Modification Technology

Interpretation Of Car Modification Technology

Interpretation of car modification technology, what is the electric throttle accelerator?

Having a modified car is a sign of men's pursuit of speed. I think the deepest picture of everyone should be speed and passion. Today is talking about a speed-related black technology conversion electronic throttle accelerator.


In order to make the car have better handling, there are many legal car accessories on the market such as "Electronic Throttle Accelerator" and "Electronic Throttle Controller", which are not modified accessories.

The Origin Of The Throttle Accelerator

Its electronic throttle accelerator is native to Germany, mainly to reduce exhaust emissions. Automobile manufacturers have adopted electronic throttles. The advantage is energy saving and environmental protection. It is more economical than the throttle not by wire, smoother, more stable, and difficult to extinguish and sway. The shortcoming is that there is a delay effect, the response is not as fast as the traditional pull throttle, in order to change the delay defect of the electronic throttle, the electronic throttle accelerator came into being.


Working Principle

The electronic throttle accelerator mainly collects the sensor signal of the accelerator pedal position, and can effectively transmit the rearranged throttle signal to the computer to improve the response performance of the engine, thereby effectively improving the sensitivity of the throttle, speeding up the starting speed, and improving the vehicle. Instantaneous speed-up performance, avoiding sudden vehicle squats and avoiding engine carbon deposits.


Electronic Throttle Accelerator Function

With the advancement of technology, the electronic throttle accelerator has been replaced with a control display, which can be adjusted at will even at high speeds without affecting safe driving. Because the electronic throttle accelerator has a variety of driving modes, it can correspond to different road conditions such as: snow, traffic jams, mountain roads, etc.


As for whether it is necessary to install?

The value is not worth installing If you like driving very smooth. If you like driving passionate, this controller can make a big difference.

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