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Installation Method of Electronic Accelerator

Installation Method of Electronic Accelerator

The electronic accelerator is a good choice for some owners who are not satisfied with the slow response of the automobile accelerator and start meat. Its function is used to improve the throttle response speed, improve the vehicle starting speed, improve the vehicle accelerator sensitivity and reduce the engine carbon deposition. Here are its installation steps.

1. Before installation, the direction of each plug and socket shall be compared clearly. It can be identified by the outlet position of the accelerator pedal port, the direction of the accelerator pedal, the shape of the plug-in interface, etc.
2. First find the signal port behind the accelerator pedal. Most cars can be installed without removing the accelerator pedal.
3. Unplug the original electronic throttle signal port. Note: the plugs of different models are different. See clearly before unplugging. Do not use brute force. Damage the port on one side.
4. Connect the accelerator in series to the accelerator pedal signal port. Note: do not plug the ports at both ends of the accelerator reversely.
5. Install the display in a fixed position, convenient for your own operation, and bind the redundant wires.

Does the electronic accelerator have any effect on the car?

The installation of electronic accelerator has no effect on the normal use of the car. The output value of the electronic accelerator is usually within the approved power of the engine. There will be no harm to the car.

Advantages of electronic accelerator:

1. Amplify the throttle signal to improve the static response
The so-called "acceleration" of the electronic accelerator is mainly achieved by improving the sensitivity of the throttle response. That is to say, at any time, 33% of the throttle signal at the back of the pedal is useless, and when the driver depresses 66% of the pedal, the accelerator output is full throttle, which makes the sensitivity of the throttle response increase by 50%. In fact, the throttle signal is adjusted steplessly, only from the previous 1:1 to 1:1. X, which is the amplification factor of the signal. (for example, after installation, you can adjust half open, full open, etc., that is, adjust the proportion to 1:1.5 or even 1:2).

2. Amplify the acceleration of throttle signal and improve the dynamic response
When the accelerator pedal is depressed, the accelerator will calculate the change rate of the accelerator signal according to the amplitude and time of the pedal. The faster the change, the stronger the acceleration requirements are, the accelerator will increase the change rate, and the final effect is that the acceleration dynamic is better.

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