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How to Use Electronic Accelerator

How to Use Electronic Accelerator

In order to further reduce fuel consumption and implement the concept of environmental protection, most cars now use electronic throttle. In order to further improve the speed, many car owners will install electronic accelerator.

Is the electronic accelerator useful? There are a lot of topics about whether this kind of thing is useful. To some extent, the electronic accelerator has a certain role, but the role is not very obvious.

(1) Improve the electronic throttle hysteresis, improve the sensitivity of the throttle, and enjoy driving.
(2) Improve the throttle response speed and the vehicle instant explosive force.
(3) Improve the sensitivity of throttle response, so it can significantly reduce the engine carbon deposition, the engine is always new.
(4) The problem of response lag of electronic throttle is solved.

How to use the electronic accelerator? Electronic accelerator is the signal of accelerator pedal which is transmitted to ECU through circuit, and then output to the driving motor of throttle after ECU's processing, so as to accurately control the acceleration of automobile. The electronic accelerator is usually produced abroad, and it is popular with consumers. Because the volume of the accelerator is the size of a matchbox, and the external material is plastic, it is very convenient to install. Just pull off the plug of the original accelerator pedal sensor and replace it directly. The whole process does not need to move other electronic systems of the vehicle, so it will not affect the normal operation of other systems.

The electronic accelerator solves the problem of electronic accelerator hysteresis, and its installation and use are relatively simple. However, the traffic congestion in the city is serious now, and it is easy to have the situation of accelerator uncertainty after using the electronic accelerator, so the owner must be careful to install.

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