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Function Mode of Electronic Accelerator

Function Mode of Electronic Accelerator

First of all, the function mode of electronic accelerator (also known as throttle controller) is mainly composed of three parts: acceleration mode + original vehicle mode + fuel saving mode.

All models larger than 3 have evolved on this basis. How many models are the most reasonable? The following analysis is for your reference.

The main purpose of the accelerator is to accelerate, the fuel saving function will lose part of the power, just an additional function, so it is not necessary to set too many modes; while the original mode refers to the original vehicle, so it is impossible to have multiple different modes;

For the acceleration function, different drivers and different road conditions may have different demands for driving power, so three modes with different acceleration levels can be set:

The first is racing mode, which is mainly used for overtaking and competition;
The second is full acceleration mode, which is mainly used for high-speed and road sections with good road conditions, as well as car owners with high requirements for acceleration;
Third, the semi acceleration mode is mainly used for urban driving and car owners who do not have particularly high requirements for acceleration.

There are 9 segments in each mode that can be adjusted. There are 27 segments in total, and one segment is suitable for you. In this case, we set the automatic gear and the manual gear to be compatible and matched, without distinguishing between them; because your car is either manual gear or automatic gear, there is no need for one product to be equipped with two. The three acceleration modes have covered all road conditions and different driver needs; comprehensive functions, simple and practical are the best

The five modes mentioned above are compared with other multi modes:

Generally speaking, two function modes (driving is not playing games) are used to select one fast and the other slow according to different road conditions. The fast mode may be racing mode, the slow mode may be the original vehicle mode (or semi acceleration mode, I use semi acceleration for slow mode). With the screen accelerator, you only need to press a shortcut key (the original one button overtaking function), you can switch these two modes back and forth with one button.

In order to look good, many of them are repeated, which is very inconvenient in actual driving. The simpler the operation is, the safer it will be. This should be agreed by all of us.

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