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Why are so Many People Rushing to Refit the Electronic Accelerator?

Why are so Many People Rushing to Refit the Electronic Accelerator?

Since the 21st century, most automobiles have used electronic throttle accelerator instead of conventional pull-line throttle. Electronic throttle accelerator controls the depth of the accelerator pedal to send out instructions to enable the engine to provide matching power. Electronic throttle is also known as electronic drive. Unfortunately, the signal delay of the electronic throttle acceleratro will inhibit the normal acceleration of the vehicle. In some cases, for example, when the slope rises, there will be a strong sense of sudden mistake, and even lead to sudden forward movement of vehicles. That is when electronic throttle accelerator came into being.

Principle of electronic throttle accelerator:
First, the so-called "acceleration" of electronic throttle accelerator is mainly achieved by improving the sensitivity of throttle response, which amplifies the input throttle signal by 50%. Only from the previous 1:1 to 1:1.x, here x is the signal amplification factor.

How to match the electronic throttle accelerator to maximize its advantages?
1. Match with turbocharging refitting; people in the refitting industry all know that turbocharging is a common refitting method to enhance power, because its effect is relatively obvious, and does not increase fuel consumption, or even save a little oil. But he also has shortcomings. Turbines usually start when the speed of the car reaches about 1700 to 2000 rpm. Turbines don't work until 1700 rpm. The advantage of the electronic accelerator is that it makes up for the gap before the turbine starts. And let the turbine start quickly, and start the turbine at about 600 to 800 turns. It makes the car more explosive.

2. Match with exhaust pipe refitting: refitting exhaust pipe is popular among young people, because after refitting, the car can emit the same roar as a racing car, which is very cool. However, it is not a racing car, and the sound will be a little dry and make us a little embarrassing. And the modification of the exhaust pipe is not very helpful to the power. Then with the electronic accelerator, the power enhancement effect is very obvious. How to make a racing car without power light and sound, and how to compete with others without a racing car? (Of course, drag racing is not advocated.) And cars with electronic accelerators and exhaust pipes will sound better and closer to the sound of sports cars, which all men would fall in love with.

3. Match with ignition intensifier: As the name implies, the ignition intensifier improves the burning rate a little. The advantage is that it will not increase fuel consumption after installation. But the effect is limited. The power boost will be more evident with the electronic throttle accelerator.

4. There are some common refitting methods on the market, such as plug-in computer, brush ECU, rectifier and so on. These methods do not conflict with electronic accelerator. They can be used in conjunction with electronic accelerator. With electronic throttle accelerator, the improvement of automotive power will definitely be obvious.

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