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What is Electronic Throttle Controller?

What is Electronic Throttle Controller?

Believe most people have heard about the product--electronic throttle controller. It can booster acceleration and also save fuel. It is really such powerful? Since the 21st century, most cars use the electronic throttle to replace the hand throttle wire. Unfortunately, the signal delay of the electronic throttle will inhibit normal acceleration of the vehicle.

Electronic throttle controller working principle:

The electronic throttle controller is mainly collecting the sensor signal of the acceleration pedal position. It can transfer the rearranged throttle signal to the computer. Improve engine responsiveness. So, Improved vehicle throttle sensitivity, instantly increase speed up.

advantage of potent booster:

1 Amplify the throttle signal to improve the static response.
 The speed up electronic throttle controller is mainly achieved by increasing the sensitivity the senility of the throttle controller.

2 Amplify the throttle signal growth rate, Improve dynamic response.
When the accelerator pedal is depressed, The accelerator will be based on the magnitude of the depression, Time to calculate the rate of change of the throttle signal, The faster the change, the stronger the acceleration requirement, Throttle accelerator will increase this rate of change, The final result is a better dynamic response.

3 Provides virtual driving style for ECU to adjust engine parameters.
Modern engine ECU generally has driving style adaptive ability, If the driver often quickly steps on the throttle, ECU will gradually think that the driver's style tends to be "violent", In this way, the engine will slowly adjust the throttle, fuel injection system, etc. to get the best adjustment parameters of the engine in this style.

Electronic throttle and hand throttle principle:

Due to various reasons such as environmental protection, economy, reliability, etc., the newer models nowadays generally use electronic throttle. The so-called electronic throttle is for the previous pull throttle. The traditional pull throttle uses the thin steel rope directly to the accelerator pedal. The throttles are connected. The depression of the accelerator pedal directly corresponds to the opening and closing of the throttle. The electronic throttle has no cable. By installing a potentiometer (variable resistor) in the pedal, the depth of the accelerator pedal is converted into the resistance of the resistor. The electronic system of the car indirectly determines the depth of the accelerator pedal by sampling the resistance value. Finally, the stepping motor is driven by the ECU to control the opening degree of the throttle valve. It is not difficult to find through the principle that the throttle is characterized by simple system and direct control. The accelerator pedal and the throttle are open at 1:1; while the electronic throttle is characterized by the accelerator pedal only characterizing the driver's operating intention, and the final throttle control is given to the ECU.
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